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Instagram: @holyghosttattooluxembourg

I started in 1992 as an apprentice at “Bart Tattoo” in Boxtel / Eindhoven (NL). After 2 years of learning I started to tattoo this free for training. Very quickly, in order to be independent, I opened my own store in Esch-sur-Alzette.

In 2003, I decided to change to Luxembourg Center, Boulevard Roosevelt, just across the street from the St. Esprit underground car park by expanding my store and my team with the aim of being better available and accessible to my clients.

Besides my work, I am also a fanatic collector of old tattooing machines, old photos of tattoos, business cards of other tattoo artists, so as far as possible I try to make memories on my skin Everywhere in the world
(Thailand, Indonesia, Vienna, the Netherlands, USA etc …)

My profession is my passion! Welcome!