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The classic of Luxembourg Tattoo! A little history regarding Holy Ghost Tattoo Luxembourg and Woods: The origins of Holy Ghost Tattoo (formerly known as Tattoo Crew) go back to 1992 … located at the beginning in Esch-Alzette, the team was one of the main actors of the « Tattoo Boom” in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. We finally became established in Luxembourg-City to be more accessible to our various customers coming from four corners of the country and from abroad.

Tattoo Care

The Tattoo Session has ended. Having cleaned the wound with an antiseptic solution, the tattooist applies Vaseline or healing cream (Bepanthen® kind, Easytattoo®, etc. ) on that he applies a bandage (shrink-wrap foil). Most often, it is recommended to keep this first bandage 2 – 6 hours, to completely and definitely stop the bleeding. Waiting a first night to withdraw the bandage allows to tell any rejection of ink and of liquids, even if minimal. The Tattoo is then cleaned (without rubbing!!) in lukewarm water and in antiseptic soap, or with an antiseptic solution. It is not necessary to immediately apply the healing cream pointed out by the tattooist: the healing cream can be only applied the following day, on a dry and clean skin (to dry, dab slowly with a soft and clean linen). Except opposite indication of the tattooist, it is preferable to leave the tattoo in the open (not cover it with a new bandage).

The first passed night, the bandage is permanently removed to let the tattoo breathe. However, in certain cases, and according to recommendations of the tattooist, the inked part of the body, and activities of the tattooee (for example jobs dealing with dirt), an adapted bandage will be applicable during the day. Having cleaned the skin with an antiseptic soap, tap it dry with a perfectly clean towel: The cream can then be applied in a fine coating. Clothewise, wear an ample layer and preferably made out of cotton (NO wool, Nylon or other acrylic!). If possible, leave the tattoo visible and open to air. When scabs appear then disappear (8 – 15 days), the cream is applied 1 – 2 times a day, always with clean and washed hands.

It is necessary to avoid touching the tattooed zone with dirty hands and to take care that you wash your hands before every application of product on the tattooed skin. No Baths, No swimming pool and No swimming in the sea for a minimum of 15 days. It does not mean not to wash your tattoo during healing! You should not forget that the hygiene of the tattooed part is important for a good healing. To leave the “wound” several days without cleaning augments risks of infection. Ban also the sun and UV in sun tan studios during at least a month. Finally, dust and the contact with hands will be avoided as much as possible! Itches are experienced by most tattooees, they are part of the process of healing. Although temptation is big, you should absolutely NOT scratch, or rub: The dead skins have to fall by themselves, to avoid any undesirable scar. After complete healing, it is possible to “forget ” about your tattoo, but if you take care of your skin that carries it (regular moisturising and solar protection maximum), it will age only better! It is normal to notice an inflammatory reaction (redness and sometimes swelling) in the days which follow the realisation of tattoo. However these symptoms have to disappear in less than week.
The final healing will occur in time frames depending on the individual health condition and the area of your body containing the tattoo.

Average delay of healing: 2 – 3 weeks

Product Description (PDF)

Health declaration and parental authorization


We believe that Tattooing is an important act. You do not get tattoos as you go to the hairdresser. There are treatments to be made and this requires some constraints that must be respected. We highlight that in our health care sheet and try to make people accountable by signing it.


Under Luxembourg law, minors are not responsible for their actions. They are under the responsibility of their parents. We can not tattoo a minor without the express permission of his parents (and not his big brother, big sister, etc.).

Legal Information (French) Projet de loi 7000 du 13-10-2016 (PDF)

Legal Information (French) Projet de loi 7000/2 du 20-10-2017 (PDF)

Legal Information (French) Projet de loi 7000/03 du 29-11-2017 (PDF)

Legal Information (French) Projet de loi 7000/04 du 09-02-2018 (PDF)

Download the document to sign here:
Health declaration and parental authorization



Video of LSAP concerning Tattoos.

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